Made in the USA

Jesse James Beads — Mixes & Strands

Made in the USA

*The fine print… The beads we use are not physically made in America, however each of our color mixes are custom created by our team of Bead Artists , right here in the USA.

Diversity is the difference. Just like the fabulous melting pot population of the US, our mixes and strands come from a diverse range of sources with origins all over the world. Our vast varieties of beads are then mixed together to create the most unique and eclectic mixes and strands in the marketplace.

Design is the key. Our in-house designers study fashion and the most current color palettes. We are timely with color combo adaptation to continually keep up with the latest trands and styles.

The Trendiest Beads…

…we’ve got ’em!

The Newest Beads…

…We’ve got ’em!

Rare and Hard-to-Find Beads…

…We’ve got ’em!

Vintage, Classics and Overruns…

…We’ve got ’em!

We mix these major elements together to create our one of a kind Jesse James Beads strands and mixes.

Imaginative. Fresh. Unique.






Please visit our wholesale showroom online at

We hope to become a part of your bead team.


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