Made in the USA

Jesse James Beads — Mixes & Strands

Made in the USA

*The fine print… The beads we use are not physically made in America, however each of our color mixes are custom created by our team of Bead Artists , right here in the USA.

Diversity is the difference. Just like the fabulous melting pot population of the US, our mixes and strands come from a diverse range of sources with origins all over the world. Our vast varieties of beads are then mixed together to create the most unique and eclectic mixes and strands in the marketplace.

Design is the key. Our in-house designers study fashion and the most current color palettes. We are timely with color combo adaptation to continually keep up with the latest trands and styles.

The Trendiest Beads…

…we’ve got ’em!

The Newest Beads…

…We’ve got ’em!

Rare and Hard-to-Find Beads…

…We’ve got ’em!

Vintage, Classics and Overruns…

…We’ve got ’em!

We mix these major elements together to create our one of a kind Jesse James Beads strands and mixes.

Imaginative. Fresh. Unique.






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Get Wild With Animal Print Mother of Pearl

Animal Print is HOT HOT HOT!! Newest to the JJB single bead offerings are these very gorgeous , very unique Mother-of Pearl shells. Beads are available in several varying shapes and sizes, plus a multitude of trendy colors and prints. Visit our Animal Shell Page to see the selection of beautiful new beads!


New Beads, New Ideas

We at Jesse James Beads love coming up with the latest and greatest in bead items to provide you, the beader, with the most fantastic materials to make your creations. We hope you are enjoying the newest JJB upgrades, and we thank you for your continued love and support.

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Best-Selling Inspirations Styles!

Playing Favorites…

Best-Selling Inspirations Styles!

Our customers – and ultimately our customers’ customers – have spoken: The above three Inspirations are the #1 sellers from our best-selling and record-breaking line of packaged beads. The Inspirations Collection is a visually stimulating and consumer appealing line of 35 eclectic bead mixes. This collection of packaged beads has quickly become a top seller for many of our customers.We invite you to peruse the collection here…

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The Most Eclectic Beads in the Industry


eclectic (adj) – deriving ideas, style & taste from a broad and
diverse range of sources.

Jesse James Beads – Mixes & Strands

JJB – The Industry’s Most Eclectic Bead Source

The beads in Jesse James Beads’ mixes and strands come from over
60 manufacturers all over the world. Our refreshingly unique products also include great czech pieces, jewelry manufacturers’ extras, even rare vintage items.

Eclectic – Yes, that is what we are.

Please consider our eclectic offerings to be part of your bead selection

A Recent Email from a JJB Uptown Bead Fan…

Thank you so much for your Uptown beads. I have a
Pandora bracelet that I had received as a Christmas present last;
year and I have some great charms from my kids. However, the
beads were just too expensive to fill the bracelet up. Your beads
have helped solve my problem! The beautiful glass beads in your
Uptown line are gorgeous and they are actually the nicest “Pandora
type” beads I’ve seen out there. I even buy color groupings
and change the beads every so often to match the colors that I
am wearing. The affordable price of these beads lets me really
made the most of my Pandora bracelet. Thank you so much!! And
a blessed holiday season to you and yours!”

Dawn D.
Charleroi, PA

Uptown Bracelet

Wow, thank you SO much Dawn! We are always so appreciative of
compliments like these. The main reason we brought the Uptown
Bead Collection to our product repertoire is the exact same reason
as Dawn’s compliment: Affordable, quality beads allow consumers
to wear beautiful Pandora style without having to pay the extreme
Pandora price. We are continuing to expand our retail selection
and we hope you continue to visit our website to see what’s new
in terms of Uptown and other beading products. Click the links
below to view some of the newest Uptown availabilities! Email us
at to let us know what you
think! Thank you once again, Dawn!


NEW! Single Uptown Beads

Facet Cut Single Facet Cut Rhinestone
Facet Cut Singles, $1/bead 


Rhinestone Singles, $1/bead 



UPTOWN Bead Combos

See the Collection 


The Makings of an Incredible Strand

Jesse James Beads creates and distributes the beading industry’s highest quality Czech color combo strands. What is it about a Jesse James Beads Czech Combo strand that stands out among standard Czech strands? Let us count the ways…
1. Mini Strands! Each strand is like 3 or 4 “mini strands” – You get 3 or 4 different Czech beads within one strand. Why spend all your money on a single-color, single finish strand when you can get a sampling of up to 4 different styles of beads for a fraction of the cost? 16″ single-color strands are a thing of the past!
2. Inspiration! Many of you have emailed in telling us that our PANTONE- and Fashion-Inspired Czech Color Combos have provided creative spark to your jewelry pieces. JJB customer, Caroline of Tampa, FL, emails: “I always find such inspiration in your strands. The colors you put together always spawn new and exciting designs for me. Thanks!”
3. World’s BEST Beads! The beads used in the strands are the absolute best in the world. Each strand is made up entirely of Czech Fire Polish, Czech Druk and/or Czech Pearl beads. Old-world craftsmanship gives Czech beads their high reflective brilliance, consistency in size and color, and exquisite glosses and finishes.
The majority of beads found in our Designer-Inspired Czech Combo Strands have special finishes and coatings. Check out some close-ups of our newest Designer-Inspired Czech Combo Strands and the bead finishes that make up each strand. Available for retail soon! Looking to wholesale? Contact for more info.
Strand 59
Strand 59: Full Coat Lumi, Moonstone, 1/2 Coat Metallic, 1/2 Coat Metallic (left to right)
Strand 62
Strand 62: Matte 1/2 Color, AB Color Transparent, Pearlized on Jet, Transparent Fire Polish (left to right)
Strand 58
Strand 58: AB Opaque, Transparent Fire Polish, Two-tone (left to right)
Strand 54
Strand 54: Burn-Out on Transparent, Moonstone, Opaque, AB Color Transparent (left to right)
Strand 65
Strand 65: 1/2 Coat Luster, Milky Opaque, Full Coat Lumi, Full Coat Lumi (left to right)

Other Czech bead finishes found in Jesse James Beads’ Designer Combo Strands include…

-Metallic Full Coat
-Full Coat Pearlized
-Iris 1/2 Coat
-Frosted AB
-Vitrail and Marea
-2-Tone AB Coated
-Luster Stone
-Opaque and Clear Coated
-Pearl beads (custom dyed!)
-Druk beads

….And there’s always more to come!

Bead Societies LOVE Jesse James Beads

To kick off the spring season, Jesse James Beads has started sending colorful sample bead packages to various bead societies all across the country.What an impression our strands are making! Bead Society beaders in states nationwide are flipping for our Czech Color Combo Strands. See what their Society leaders have to say about Jesse James Beads…
Strand 52

The Omaha Beady Bunch

An email from Gail May (President, Omaha Beady Bunch):

‘Dear Sarah,

Thanks for your generous gift. Our group was thrilled with the beads and so jazzed by all the beautiful combinations. I’m sure that our members will enjoy working with these beautiful beads. I know I am already thinking about how to incorporate these great combinations in my next project.

It was recommended and decided to use your company as “Supplier of the month” (for April) on our web site, so we are glad to help promote your company. Thanks again for the beautiful beads and for the support of our group!

~Gail May’

Check out Gail and the rest of the Omaha Beady Bunch’s beautiful jewelry work at
Near Omaha? Join the Omaha Beady Bunch! Visit for more info!
Strand 55

The Bead Society of Orange County (BSOC)

An email from Kat (Treasurer, BSOC, and Jewelry Teacher, Kat Designs):

‘Thanks so much for the strands! I’m very familiar with your product. In addition to be associated with the BSOC, I’m one of the independent teachers that teaches jewelry design at Tall Mouse in Laguna Niguel. The store has me design project samples from time to time with your mixed strands.  I’ve had a lot of success designing and helping students incorporate your beads into their pieces.  I think your products are a great alternative when higher end material is either too price prohibitive or not desired with newer students.’


Check out Kat’s beautiful jewelry work at and register for one of her classes. In SoCal? Join the BSOC! Visit their website at

Strand 62
Would you like to share Jesse James Beads’ strands with your bead society? Contact Sarah (
with your bead society’s address and monthly meet-day to have complimentary strand samples sent for you and your members!
Strand 65